We try to answer the most common questions.

Who We Are? (About Ourself)

Witel started as a Network Provider to Namibian Operators assisting them to reach their Customers through our National Network.
We ventured into Internet Service Provision after seeing how the Namibian Market are deprived of quality and affordable Internet.
Once our Internet Tariffs hit the market in 2016, we immediately saw a continuous down trend in Internet Tariffs.

What is Uncapped and Unlimited Data

Uncapped Data is exactly what it means. There are no limit to the volume of data you may use on your Internet. and your Internet is not subjected to “shaping". (See FAQ for Internet Traffic Shaping)
Unlimited Data is typically subjected to Internet Traffic Shaping based on type of traffic such as downloads, time of day or volume of Data used.

What is Traffic Shaping

Traffic Shaping is where certain actions such as downloads my be “throttled" (may receive low priority or @ reduced speeds) during certain times of the day or where your total Internet speed is reduced once you have used a specified volume of Data on your Internet. For example a 20Mbps Unlimited Internet package may be reduced to 2Mbps once you have used 125Gb of Data. You then have to “top up" on data in order to get your full speed again.

Why have I not heard from Witel before

Witel started as a Network Provider to other Internet Service Providers and word of mouth based on our excellent Service was sufficient to grow our Internet since 2016. However, we realised, that in order to achieve our Passion of providing affordable Internet to Namibia, we would need to start doing Marketing. In December 2019 we had our first advertisement on Radio and what a success.

You will see more and more of Witel as we steadily step up our Marketing and increasing our National Coverage to Rural and under services areas.

Why does my Internet Speed fluctuate?

This is a very common and relevant question. We will answer this question in two parts, there are MANY influences affecting Internet speed, but we shall limit it to the two most common issues.
On your WiFi there are multiple devices connected at any given time, your cellphones, play station and PC perhaps. All of these devices periodically go to the Internet and check for software updates. These checks are done in the “background" so that the user is not “affected" by this. These updates are important as they update security settings and in some case improve stability and provide new features. This however does pose a problem as a single device may use all available Internet bandwidth to perform the update check and cause your Netflix stream to lag, or when your speedtest show results below your package speed, or when you want to open a website it sometimes does not open. These update checks normally does not last longer than 10 to 15 minutes unless the device actually download the update.
Service Providers such as Game Providers (Servers) have multiple Servers on the Internet in various different locations across the world. This is basicaaly to reduce the traffic load on the Server and to have a Server closer to the Region so that user experience is good. It sometimes happen that a Server still becomes “overloaded" with to many requests and then becomes slow, it also happens that Servers are down for maintenance or the normal Internet route to that Server is down, then you use a different Server through a longer route affected your latency (reaction time) and the Server may also be struggling to cope with the load. It is NOT always the Internet connection at fault.
Please feel free to contact our NOC to assist you if you experience your Internet is slow.